Terrapin CuckooFest

Cuckoo Fest

Your Daily Pint for Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, is: TERRAPIN CUCKOOFEST

What it is: A 5.5% Oktoberfest… brewed with grits!

What it tastes like: Oktoberfest, but sweet and Southern. The beer’s awesomely grainy: You get traditional barley malt, but the grits show up and add a surprisingly smooth sweetness that harmonizes with a low hum of hop spice.

The next fest: Munich’s Oktoberfest lasts through this week, but Terrapin’s already planning it’s next party: The brewery’s hop harvest bash, held Oct. 11 and loaded with limited cask beers.

Fest fact: Security at Munich Oktoberfest have already confiscated more than 28,000 festival mugs from folks hoping to sneak them out as souvenirs.

Posted on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014