Beer BBQ: Treat your meat
July/August 2014 | By Carolyn Malcoun


There’s more than one way to barbecue, but you know it’s all gone right when you get to your finger-lickin’, messy-face happy place. Our beer-infused mop, rub, sauce and glaze will make your meat sing, whatever prep you please.

Published July/August 2014
Rauchbier and smoked paprika team up to inject this rub with delicious smoky swirls.
Use this mop sauce to moisten Texas-style brisket—then swipe it over everything else on your grill.
Brush this Southwestern glaze over chicken, fish, seafood or pork.
In South Carolina, mustard-based barbecue sauce reigns supreme; ours gets a sophisticated twist with whole-grain mustard and an IPA splash.