Twist & shout: 7 ways to do beer & pretzels


Millions of German-style pretzels are consumed at Munich’s Oktoberfest, but our love for the twist (crisp or doughy!) is less about quantity, more about creativity. Here, the seven best ways to pair pretzel and pint:

1. Brewed with over 6 pounds of crushed sourdough pretzels per barrel, Martin House Pretzel Stout binds ashy roast to pretzel crust; smooth saltiness hits at the end.

2. When all you’ve got is a break-room bag of pretzels and Oktoberfest dreams, start dipping: Victory Brewing’s new spreads ($7) combine its famous beers with real cheddar. Our fave: Headwaters Cheddar Dip, a blend of pineapple, papaya, ginger and curry with cheese and pale ale!

3. A coffee note deepens the chocolate-covered pretzel vibe of the 5.4%-ABV Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Pretzel, Raspberry & Chocolate Ale; slight raspberry tartness keeps the sip bright.

4. Shotwell‘s buttery, velvet-smooth caramel anointed with Ghost River Golden Ale, topped with crunchy pretzels and cut by hand is gourmet perfection, one square inch at a time ($10).

5. Sure, it’ll take a few tries to master the perfect toss-and-twist, but DIY pretzels taste just like the real deal. Here’s how to make honest-to-goodness Bavarian pretzels, plus toothsome twists like coconut-peanut butter and pesto Parmesan. Grab a mix-six and start pairing.

6. Leave the pairing to a pro: These four beer/pretzel bars are smart spots to sip and snack.

7. You can’t bring food into beer fests, but if it’s around your neck, it’s technically jewelery. Before hitting your local O-fest, string up handfuls of pretzels, and add baubles like Lifesavers, Froot Loops and mini cookies.