Slow food: 5 hearty beer-infused slow-cooker recipes
September/October 2014 | By Carolyn Malcoun / Photos by Ed Rudolph / Food Styling by Marcella Capasso

Draft 7-1-1440761 Moroccan Beef Stew napkin

Don’t let your 9-to-5 relegate you to 60-second entrées. Put your slow cooker to work and whip up these easy beer-braised dishes that go from dinner party to school night to tailgate.

Published September/October 2014
Practically effortless but seriously tasty, this pork roast should be your go-to dinner for after-work company.
Apple — in both fresh and cider form — gives this farmhouse stew a taste of the orchard.
Nutty brown ale deepens this beef chili that’s hearty enough for a tailgate and easy enough for a weeknight dinner.
Pile this spicy beer-braised chicken on crusty rolls with coleslaw, or tuck it into soft tacos.
Moroccan spice and black lager put a flavorful spin on traditional beef stew.