5 beer-inspired skincare products you’ll love
September/October 2014


We consider “You smell like beer” a compliment. Our favorite grooming products (beyond beer soap) are loaded with the same stuff you’d find in a brewer’s kettle.

1. Massage a few drops of this hops-powered, citrus-spiked beard oil into your face-mane to condition hair and keep strays in line. $24, craftsmansoap.com

2. Take down a 5 o’clock shadow (or just your cheek line) with beer-minded shave cream loaded with essential oils and skin-calming organic hops. $13, damnhandsomegrooming.com

3. Clean Brew shampoo harnesses malt, yeast and orange zest to axe oil and dirt, clarify your scalp and smell spicy-fresh. $20, redken.com

4. Bohemian Lager scrub exfoliates skin with sugar, moisturizes with almond oil, and smells dreamily sweet and woody thanks to aged beer, patchouli and spice. $7, etsy.com/shop/PurpleCatCreatives

5. Beer conditioner: It’s science! The natural sugars in barley and hops thicken hair; beer’s vitamin B complex strengthens it. $10, durossandlangel.com

Published September/October 2014