Neuzelle Kyritzer Mord und Totschlag

Kyritzer Mord Und Totschlag

Your Daily Pint for Saturday, Oct. 3, 2014, is: NEUZELLE KYRITZER MORD UND TOTSCHLAG

What it is: A 7.2%-ABV porter-schwarzbier hybrid

What it tastes like: Smoky like a rauchbier, sturdy like a porter; the best of both worlds! Roast that’s equal parts grainy, coffee and chocolaty keeps fluid, meaty smoke anchored to the profile. You can just tease out some boozy spice at the back of the not lager-thin, not imperial-porter-thick swallow.

What’s in a name?: It’s German for β€œmurder and manslaughter.” :(
A little history: The style was originally brewed for Germany’s knights of Kyritz an Der Knatter in the 17th century. Prost!

Posted on Friday, October 3rd, 2014